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From Falling Behind to Outperforming.

Happy5 is a mobile first, continuous performance management platform with real time people data

Goal & Task Management with Ongoing Feedback.

With every task, companies can monitor the progress and its alignment to companies’ directions.

It does not stop there.

Each manager can give reviews to rate the performance and continuous feedback related to the task.

We integrate the whole process seamlessly.

Happy5 Screen

Features and Details


Collaborative Goals and Tasks

Link task with goals (annual, semester, quarter – you choose!). Invite stakeholders to get relevant updates and be involved in the progress of each goal and task. Document attachment is included.


Progress & Alignment at a Glance

Get visibility of all tasks progress and its alignment to company’s strategic priority.


Relevant Continuous Feedback

Give simple performance review (exceed, meet or below expectation) for every completed task and quick feedback (one thing to continue and consider). Every feedback is done under 3 mins with easy & intuitive mobile platform.


Predictive Analytics Superpower

Get empowered to learn the behavioral and performance patterns of the employees in order to predict their future performances.


Ongoing Conversation.

Share problems, files, tips and encourage meaningful conversation to help drive employees’ performance and development.

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